It’s never too late…

It’s never too late to change your mind, take risks, work harder, learn more, or choose HAPPINESS. I used to be so down and out.  In so many ways.  It took a car accident to bring me an opportunity thru many turns to realize my life is mine and how I can positively effect it is by being aware and careful about who I am surrounding myself with.  I have found that my quality of life is reflected thru the five people I send the most time with.  The shift came for me at my lowest point, and perhaps that

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My First Bikini Show Journey

So I have been preparing for my first ever Bikini Show on April 12, 2019.  5 weeks to show time!! I am creating this blog to give anyone who needs it the courage to do uncomfortable things.  I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time.  I have already lost 42 pounds with Herbalife, and when asked if I wanted to do my first bikini show… I took a deep breath and said yes.  Lots of new to move thru, creating intention each day to remain present in the moment of what I can do, versus worrying

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Happy New Years!!! In the last week I have had an influx of clients coming to me so ready to feel better after indulging so much over November and December, and feeling awful as a result! People wanting to get back on their nutrition programs because they want to feel good again. I will say that not all of my clients did the holiday eating, some had a few indulgences while others just binged. Those who followed my “Holiday-day” motto feel great and really did not get off track, did not gain weight, and did not feel awful. They made

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