Happy New Years!!!

In the last week I have had an influx of clients coming to me so ready to feel better after indulging so much over November and December, and feeling awful as a result! People wanting to get back on their nutrition programs because they want to feel good again. I will say that not all of my clients did the holiday eating, some had a few indulgences while others just binged.

Those who followed my “Holiday-day” motto feel great and really did not get off track, did not gain weight, and did not feel awful. They made the holiday eating on a DAY… not a season.

So here we are on the 4th of January and the major retail stores are already bringing out Valentine’s Day and Easter candy! My advice to you is make your holiday just that… a day. Then get right back on track. Your choice.

I love my plan. So simple and delicious. Just turned 44 years old, feel fantastic, and am in the process of training for my first bikini show in April too.

If you need support, I am your coach.

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