Now more than ever, people are searching for peace and satisfaction of purpose and Nicole creates the possibility for her clients to chart their own path. Nicole Hester is a health and wellness entrepreneur out of Florida.  For about a decade she has been helping to support thousands of people both physically and mentally, coaching and empowering her clients through a transformative journey, with the goal of helping people to feel better on their terms. 

She came to be in this field though her own life experiences of the highs and the lows, and learning how to manage her energy.  Nicole leads her clients through a coaching process sharing what she has learned for herself to help others find their peace, clarity and satisfaction in life she is so grateful to have found.  Just some of the personal experiences that have guided her opportunities for growth are car accidents, divorces, unexpected job loss, difficult relationships and so much more. 

She has done the personal development to now live a passionate purposeful life.  Struggling in the past and determined to feel better, Nicole eventually learned by trial-and-error, transformational programs, meditation, yoga and other self-care practices through a Mind, Body, and Spirit total wellness approach. 

Nicole is an experienced speaker, and has participated in motivational/transformational speaking around the country with the hope that her story will give others who are struggling and opening, and the spark of hope that they can make a change for the better too.  If you are interested in learning more about available opportunities for yourself, please find the link under “SUCCESS” to schedule a 15 Minute Free Phone/Video Consult.


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