Hello, my name is Nicole

Nicole Hester is a health and wellness entrepreneur out of Florida.  For about a decade now, she has been helping to support thousands of people both physically and mentally through transformation with the goal of helping people to feel better.  She came to be in this field through a tragedy of her own, having been the pedestrian accident victim struck by a vehicle in a valet area when a tourist lost control and accelerated into her crushing her legs between his vehicle and her own while unloading. 

Through some very hard times of limited mobility and pain, struggling and determined to feel better, Nicole eventually learned by trial-and-error better self care practices through a Mind, Body, and Spirit total wellness approach.  Through this journey she is now pain free and doing things physically in her mid-40’s that she never even imagined she could do in her twenties.  Nicole is an experienced speaker, and has participated in motivational speaking around the country with the hope that her story will give others who are struggling the spark and hope that they can make a change for the better too.  As her influence continues to grow, she hopes she can continue to be a source of inspiration and more importantly a role model of possibility for people, especially women worldwide.  She loves working with her clients because she truly believes that everyone deserves to feel good.  



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