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Working with Nicole is completely transformative. Besides being a beacon of sun and wisdom on your best or worst days, her ability to give your practical and emotionally intuitive pathways leaves you at ease. Her life coaching allows you to relax into your natural state, and from that place she empowers you. She has completely made my life better just by listening to me. Her honesty and authenticity are one of a kind and anyone is lucky to have her as a coach for their lives. I know I am!

Alex L.

There are people you meet as you journey through life that are specifically placed on your path to elevate your experience. Nicole Hester is one of those people. Her endless optimism and positive attitude toward being your best self and living your best life would be enough for anyone to receive a more than satisfying experience from her guidance and coaching. However, Nicole takes it to the next level by making it personal! Her sessions have drawn me into a place of self-exploration that creates excitement and anticipation for what’s next beyond anything I’m used to. Her perspective and willingness to share from her personal experiences have offered me space to explore my own potential and what it means to give back to community at the next-level as the executive director of a non-profit organization. And that alone would be worth the time spent, but again, she takes it further with techniques that have opened avenues allowing me to connect (or re-connect) with my true self. And that is just the beginning…

Grace B.

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